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Read Ex-Husband's Regret by Evelyn M.M PDF/ Synopsis

Title Ex-Husband's Regret by Evelyn M.M
Author Evelyn M.M
Publisher GoodNovel, Dreame
Ratings 9.6 ⭐
Genre Romance, Drama, Billionare
Language English, Chinese

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy. In this article, Muktijoyo.com will introduce you to a novel called Read Ex-Husband's Regret by Evelyn M.M / Synopsis  PDF. This novel is very popular and appealing to many novel lovers. You will find it very enjoyable to read. This is a great choice for you if you are looking for some new novel suggestions, but don’t know what to read next. At Muktijoyo, you can read novels online for free, using your android phone or any browser that supports paid and free novel reading services. If you want to read this novel, you can access it online on this website.


The main characters of the novel are Ava and Rowan, who are married but not in love. Ava is a kind-hearted and loyal woman who made a mistake nine years ago that changed her life. Rowan is a cold and ruthless businessman who married Ava for convenience but never loved her.


Ava: Nine years ago I did something terrible. it wasn't one of my best moments but I saw an opportunity to have the guy I've loved since I was a young girl and I took it. Fast forward to years later and I'm tired of living in a loveless marriage. I want to free both of us from a marriage that should never have taken place. They say if you love something.... It was time to let him go. I know he'll never love me and that I'll never be his choice. His heart will always belong to Her and despite my sins, I deserve to be loved.Rowan: Nine years ago, I was so in love I could barely see right. I ruined it when I made the worst mistake of my life and in the process I lost the love of my life. I knew I had to step up in my responsibility and so I did, with an unwanted wife. With the wrong woman. Now she has once again flipped my life by divorcing me. To make matters even more complicated, the love of my life is back in town. Now the only question is, who is the right woman? Is it the girl I fell head over heels in love with years ago? or is it my ex wife, the woman I never wanted but had to marry?


The novel follows the story of Ava and Rowan, who are trapped in a loveless marriage. Ava, burdened by a grave mistake she made nine years ago, decides to free herself and Rowan from their unhappy relationship. However, as she tries to move on, she realizes that she still loves Rowan and that he might have feelings for her too. Rowan, on the other hand, is filled with regret and remorse for how he treated Ava and wants to win her back. Will they be able to overcome their past and find happiness together?

Critical reception

The novel has received positive reviews from readers who praised the author’s storytelling and character development. The novel has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on GoodNovel and 4.7 out of 5 stars on Dreame. Some of the comments from readers are:

"This is one of the best books I have ever read. The plot is amazing and the characters are so realistic. I love how the author portrays the emotions of the characters and makes me feel their pain and joy. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves romance and drama."

"I love this book so much. It is so captivating and intriguing. I can’t stop reading it. The author has done a great job of creating a story that is both heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time. The characters are so complex and relatable. I can’t wait to see how the story ends."

"This book is a masterpiece. It is so well-written and engaging. The author has a way of making me feel every emotion that the characters are going through. The story is full of twists and turns that keep me on the edge of my seat. The romance between Ava and Rowan is so beautiful and realistic. I hope they get their happy ending."

Additional details

The novel is based on a Chinese novel called “The Ex-Husband’s Regret” by Mo Yan, which was also adapted into a TV series in 2022. The novel has 200 chapters and is completed.


The novel explores the themes of love, regret, forgiveness, and second chances. It shows how the past can affect the present and the future, and how people can change and grow from their mistakes. It also shows how love can heal and transform people, and how true happiness can only be found when one is honest with oneself and others.

How To Read and Download

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These applications or websites not only allow you to read novels, but also write your own novels and interact with other writers and readers. You can also get benefits such as extra income, prizes, or opportunities to publish your novels into books.

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Some examples of online libraries or bookstores are Project Gutenberg, Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, and Open Library. These websites offer free or cheap novels that you can read online or download to your device. You can also give reviews and ratings to the novels that you read.

A third way to read novels online is by using online communities or forums. These websites provide a platform for novel enthusiasts to share and discuss their favorite novels, or discover new ones. You can read novels from various genres and countries, even novels that are rarely found elsewhere.

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The novel “Ex-Husband’s Regret” by Evelyn M.M is a compelling narrative that revolves around the lives of Ava and Rowan, who are trapped in a loveless marriage. The novel expertly navigates the complicated dance of love, regret, and the pursuit of happiness, leaving readers emotionally invested in the outcomes of the people who play the important roles in the story.

Novels are more than just stories. They are windows to different worlds, perspectives, and experiences. They can entertain, educate, inspire, and challenge us. They can also connect us with other readers who share our passion and curiosity.

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Read Ex-Husband's Regret by Evelyn M.M / Synopsis  PDF Free Click Here

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